Located in the City of Wayne, Westwick Square Cooperative is a wonderfully laid out and devised community that is close to anything one might want. Not to be confused with apartments or condominiums, Westwick is a Cooperative housing community that is known as the "City within a City" and is built on its community's volunteerism and care of each other. It takes all 325 members of the Cooperative to build towards a bright and successful future. 

Do you know what a Cooperative is and how it differs from apartment and condo life? Please Click Here to learn more about our wonderful Cooperative model. 

Once applying for membership and being approved, carrying charges range from $418.00 to $463.00 per month.

Proudly managed by Marcus Management since 1973.

Westwick Square Cooperative is a proud member of:
Midwest Association of Housing Cooperatives
National Association of Housing Cooperatives